Saturday, February 14, 2009

Everything In Twos....

....Aaron made a comment that I'm simplifying my pages these days. I suppose I am. Is funny that I like the IDEA of all the fun embellishments that are out there for scrapbooking. But the reality is that I like my photos to be the focus.

....I love that I have so much stuff. There is still so much I can do to feel like I'm creating without having to spend more money (let's face it... I have a small fortune in supplies!).

....I love that you can have photos printed however you like. The pictures for these pages were actually printed on one 4x6 sheet. I just cut them apart.

.....If you click on the photos, you can see them in a larger scale. Sorry Griffin's is a little blurry.


Blogger Catherine said...

Love the 4 picture layouts Steph, theyre beautiful!

Cath x

12:01 AM  

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